application status জন্ম নিবন্ধন আবেদনপত্রের অবস্থা

Status of birth registration application process is described here. If you have done any work related to birth registration certificate online and want to know the output of this work, then check the status of birth registration application from our website today.

For your convenience, we will discuss the current status of the birth registration certificate application here in a simple way and if you read this discussion from beginning to end, you will be able to know the update of the application for your birth registration certificate. There are many of us who need to amend the birth registration and for this we may have applied online.

But day after day, when we do not reach the local government department or the municipality and the union council and get a revised copy of the birth registration, we need to know what is the status of the birth registration application. If you read this post on our website today, you can find out how the status of your birth registration application is by checking the website. Many people apply for birth registration certificate for different needs.

Maybe there is some information wrong in your birth registration certificate and for this mistake you have to apply online and submit the required documents and birth registration certificate to the local government department with the fee.

Again many have applied online with photocopies of previous birth registration certificates due to loss of birth registration certificate and it is taking time to get the original copy even after applying for printing. In this case, if you know the stage at which you applied for the collection of this copy, then you can get an idea of ​​how long it may take.

Again many have created a birth registration certificate at the current address due to spatial problems and a birth registration certificate at a permanent address. In this case, if you keep a specific birth registration certificate without having multiple birth registration certificates, then you have to cancel the information of another birth registration certificate and you have to apply online to cancel this information.

So once everything is done through the website, when you realize how long it will take to get your birth registration certificate, you will need to know what the current status of the birth registration application is and at what stage.

So you can go to Google and search by typing that the current status of the birth registration application. The address of the website you see in the title will be displayed first and you will enter there. If you want, you can copy the address from the title here and you can enter the site by pasting the copied address. Now if you want to know the current status of the birth registration application, first you have to select the subject you applied for.

You will need to provide your application ID later when you select the subject. Now many are wondering what is your application ID and where to get this application ID. At the time of application you were provided with the application ID along with the application and you have submitted the required documents along with that application ID to the local government department.

However, those who have collected the application ID will provide the application ID there and search by entering your date of birth. If you see that your birth registration application has been approved then you will understand that it will take some more time and if it says that your birth registration is in the stage of printing then it will not be too late. Hope you understand.

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