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Payment for birth registration application is described here elaborately. Those who create a new birth registration certificate or do any work related to birth registration certificate online will have to pay the prescribed amount of fee and submit it along with the required documents to the office of the Registrar of Local Government Department.

Today we will discuss the payment method of birth registration application on our website and you can find out from here how much you have to pay for this birth registration payment. If you can get this information from here then no one can demand more money from you.

Moreover, the list of payments provided from the official website of birth registration will be added at the bottom of our website and by looking at that payment list you will understand how much is the fee for correcting birth registration information and how much is the application fee for new birth registration. Earlier, when all the activities of birth registration certificate were to be conducted, all the activities were done in the office of the registrar of the local government department and the fee was paid there.

But according to the current rules, if you do any work of birth registration, you will be given the opportunity to pay in two ways. You have not been able to make the payment using any one of the following methods. However, in some places this money is directly received by the registrar’s office. In some cases due to high pressure this money has to be paid through invoice. If you apply for a new birth registration certificate, it will show you how to make the payment after completing the application process.

There are two methods and the two methods are fee collection and payment by invoice. Usually in your area if the money is collected depending on the fee collection then you must select the fee collection option. This will be of great benefit to you and no matter what type of birth registration you have applied for, if you go to the registrar’s office and contact him with the application form and the required documents, they will accept the paperwork from you and collect the prescribed fee.

If you apply for new birth registration, the maximum fee will be 50 rupees. If you apply for correction of information then in some cases it will cost 50 rupees and in some cases 100 rupees. In addition to other fees you can check the index of our website to know the payment method of birth registration and the amount of payment. There are many people who do not understand the official activities and online activities, so the broker type people demand a certain amount of money from you and say that your birth registration certificate will be issued soon.

You have to be careful of such dishonest people and you have to work knowing the prescribed process. When you apply for a new birth registration certificate, apply online with his / her vaccination card and tax payment receipt. Again no one will be able to take more money from you than the prescribed fee mentioned above by submitting the required documents while correcting the information. If someone says that all the documents of your birth registration will be fixed quickly then you should refrain from them.

This is because work is being done very fast now that it is being done online and it takes a maximum of 20 days to correct the information. Birth registration is an important document for everyone and there are many types of errors in these documents so all the work has been started online. You do not have to travel to the registrar’s office day after day. You will submit the documents by applying online and within 15 to 20 days after the submission of those documents you will be able to collect the original copy of the documents.

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