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Dear Visitor, Would you like to apply online for a birth registration certificate for a family member? As many people do not know what information to provide and what documents to attach in case of online application, detailed information on this subject will be discussed on our website today. So if you are at least interested in creating a birth registration certificate then you must read this information on our website and according to the information here you will be able to apply for the birth certificate online only if you can do everything correctly.

We all know that Birth Certificate is a must for every person and as it carries the unique identity of a person, the Government of Bangladesh has long advised each person to prepare a birth registration certificate. So if you have a birth registration certificate, you can use it for business purposes as well as for the purpose of issuing driving licenses and passports for traveling abroad, just as you can do various types of institutional work. So everyone has to create a birth registration certificate and in order to create this birth registration certificate some important documents are required and a prescribed amount of fee has to be paid.

The official website address for the birth registration application is and using this link you can access the website from any browser and go there and apply for the birth certificate online. In order to apply online, you need to provide the permanent address and current address as well as all the information about the person who will create the birth registration certificate in an accurate manner.

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Then in providing the information of the guardian, the birth registration certificate of the guardian must be prepared and the name of the birth registration certificate of the guardian must be prepared in both Bengali and English.

Many of you have wanted to know how to apply for a Birth Certificate online for those whose parents have died long ago, and you can contact the local government department for the best course of action. When you start applying online using the link above, provide a mobile number, including the parent’s birth registration certificate number and national identity card number.

You will then need to attach the Vaccine Card or EPI Card to the proof paper you will provide for the purpose of producing your Birth Registration Certificate after providing all the personal information or address information you have requested .

And if you are above 18 years of age then you need to attach 8th class or SSC pass certificate to create birth certificate. Once you have submitted these documents you will need to provide all the other information that will be required on the basis of your application and once you have submitted the application you will have the option to download your application form.

If you go to the Union Parishad or the Municipality or the City Corporation and submit your application and the required documents i.e. the documents mentioned above, they will give you the birth registration certificate within this or a few days from the day of submission. However, after printing the application form, you must come to the local government department with the application form within 15 days and complete the birth registration online registration as per the instructions to show them.

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