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Our website address is provided for those who always look for the official website to perform important tasks related to birth registration certificate. To be born in this country by birth, when you make it or when it is made mandatory for you, you must be careful to provide every information correctly or correct the information if it is incorrect.

By visiting our official website you can do the daily life tasks and without going to the local government department day after day by applying online and submitting the application form, these tasks are now being done very quickly. If you want to do these tasks related to birth registration certificate or if you want to know about the official website of birth registration certificate, then read this post of our website completely and get the important information from there.

everify bdris.gov.bd 2023

Previously, if the form for new registration of birth certificate was filled by hand, the head of the local government department would sign it and it could be used. But at present, if you want to do the work related to the birth registration certificate, you have to apply online and after applying, you have to submit the application form and application fee to the local government department. So by entering online, when you go to the official website using the above link, then click on the option for new registration by clicking on the birth registration option and make a new application for birth registration by providing all the information that is asked to be provided.

So when you create the birth registration certificate and want to know the correct information about whether its information is recorded on the website, then you must follow the rules of the website and search the information using the above link. In order to search for information, you need to enter some information on the website and in this case, if you want to visit a specific page of the website, then it is best to use the link above. So after visiting the website, when you can go to the search page, provide the following information.

First of all, to search the information, you have to provide your birth registration number or the number given in the birth registration certificate. Then you have to provide the date of birth information and if you have done it through mobile then first you have to change the year of birth mentioned in AD. Basically this task has to be done through the calendar so you should complete the task slowly and when it is completely completed go down and solve the maths problem that has been created. You will be taken to the next page when you click on the search option after correctly placing the maths problem solution.

Based on the information you have provided on this official website of birth registration certificate, the next page will show the name of the person registering the birth and other detailed information including the information of his parents. That is, you can see all the information in your birth registration certificate without the signature.

So I searched for your birth registration information following the rules mentioned above and if this information is available on the website then it should be understood that your birth registration certificate is a digital birth registration. As a result, you can later visit the official website of birth registration and take advantage of various facilities.

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