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There are many visitors who need to download NID card and when you want to know about the process of downloading NID card online, our website will give you detailed information from the very beginning of entering the website to the end. NID Card is an important document and as it is a national identity card, you can enhance your identity by providing documents for various institutional functions in Bangladesh.

At present it is possible to download the NID card from the website at one’s own risk and it will be possible to download the NID card from the person who will download the NID card by providing the information of the NID card in front of the face and taking pictures from different angles and following other steps. So if you want to download NID card or if you have any urgent work to download NID card then you must follow the following rules and in this case we will provide the most accurate information for you till the end. Nid Download

There are many brothers who are newly registered for the National Identity Card and after a long time getting the National Identity Card they may get busy and keep wondering when you will get this NID card. However, you have registered the information for the NID card and if you have a voter slip number, you can download it by entering the official website with that number or by collecting the national identity card number.

If you have a voter slip number, you can search for voter information with that slip number and if you search for voter information, your national identity card number will come out. In other words, even if the hard copy of the national identity card does not reach you, you can enter the official website with the voter slip number and do all the work from there and if you can collect the national identity card number, it will be possible to download the NID card following the rules of the official website.

So download NID card sitting at home in PDF file format and in this case if you are not aware of the rules then find out the exact rules for downloading NID card through this post. The first link you need to enter to download NID card is

This means that in order to download NID card, you must visit this website and follow the necessary steps after visiting. Since you have not opened any profile or opened any type of account before entering this website to download NID card, you have to click on the option called Register.

The first thing you need to do after entering there is your National Identity Card number and after giving it, go down and provide all the information related to your date of birth. That is, after finishing the work of the first page, you go to the second page and go there and give all the information that you will be asked about the address.

Then you have to go to the next page and look at the last digit of the mobile number which is covered with star sign to know if it is your number and whether you use this number now. Because you have to send an SMS to this number and to send this SMS you have to follow the steps of that page on the website.

But somehow if you don’t use that number or if you can’t collect any information from that number then you can change the number and get OTP number by changing that number. However, to get the OTP number, you have to click OK with the phone number and the OTP number will actually follow the next step and you will be directed to go to the Play Store and download a software called NID Wallet.

To download it, you will be taken directly to the Play Store from this website and from there you can download it and fulfill all the conditions of the apps. Then for which you have to download the NID card, that is, you have to bring the face of the owner of the NID card in front of the camera and take pictures from different angles and come back to the website after verifying its authenticity.

Then open the profile by setting the user ID and password and when your profile opens, login and enter your profile. After entering the download option, you will get the option to download the NID card and download the PDF file from there.

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