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Know the correct rules to download National Identity Card by following online. We are going to discuss here the detailed rules for downloading N ID card from the place of need and for general information. So if you need NID card or want to collect it on urgent basis then collecting it in PDF file form will be fastest. There are several rules for NID card downloader. But many people visit our website post because they don’t know all these rules or want to download directly from here.

So, apart from sharing the website link for direct download, I will tell you where to go to download and what rules to follow to download. Many people are waiting to get the NID card in their hands, but because it is urgently needed, they can download it from online. Actually downloading NID card is a very easy process and in this case if you have enough information then you can download it yourself.

Moreover, the website has all the systems in place for downloading which is very important. However, before downloading it, if you can download the software called NID Wallet from Play Store, then it will be very useful for you to download later. You can also download it from the website by following the download link. But it is better if you download it beforehand and you can do a lot of work later on.

After downloading NID wallet or downloading it later will depend on your personal decision. However, since you have come to download the pdf of the card, you have to visit the official website of Bangladesh Election Commission called Service NID. Here is the link to his website . When you can go to the official website by using this link, you have to click on the first option that comes up. That is, you have to use the registration option there to open your account. And by using this option a form will appear in front of you.

The NID card number or the number of the slip received at the time of voter registration should be provided. That is, if you cannot provide any information in the voter slip number and NID card number, then you will not be able to go to the next round. So you have to input every information in every cell correctly. In this way, after providing that information in the first step, the date of birth information should be given according to the NID card information.

Once it is given, you will go to the next step and in the next step, you will have to give the address information of the person who will download the NID card. It will be very convenient for you as there is an opportunity to select each subject through options. So you have to fill every information correctly on your own responsibility and go to the next page, you will see a mobile number covered with a star symbol. Once known or if there is a system to collect SMS going to that number, click on send message option.

And if the number is not used then you can change the number and send the message. Asha 6 digit OTP code website will show you the steps to follow after downloading NID word by entering the 6 digit OTP code on the phone. In this way, after completing the work there, you will return to the website and set the user ID and password. Once these tasks are completed, you will see that your complete profile is being created and there is an option to download it along with your photo. And by clicking on the download option, you can easily download the NID card PDF file.

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