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If you want to do the important tasks related to National Identity Card online through mobile then for your convenience we will discuss detailed information about its official website on our website. Since National Identity Card is an important identity card for everyone and you can use it in various institutional areas, you can easily do voter ID card related tasks by visiting the official website of NIDBD or visiting the official website of Service NID.

After registering the information, download of voter ID card and correction of voter ID card information or for those who want to register afresh for voter ID card are currently done on a specific website. If you also want to perform these tasks, then we ask you to follow the rules below.

First of all, if you can go to the official website by using the service NID official website link in the title provided by our website, then all those who have registered your information can download the PDF file of NID card. In this case, since you don’t have an account, you have to click on the registration option and by providing the voter ID card number or voter slip information and bringing the person who will download the NID card in front of the camera, these tasks can be done smoothly. So all the persons who have registered the information visit the website and download its PDF file i.e. paper laminating version very easily on the basis of providing certain information.

Also those of you who want to make a new registration or if you can’t register the information for any reason while registering all the information, then you have the opportunity to apply for new registration by visiting the website. In that case, you can apply by registering every information according to your birth registration certificate and secondary examination certificate and once the application is completed, submit it to the election commissioner office in your area. For application you have to submit application free of Tk 230 and after submitting it along with application form you will be called after certain time for photo taking and signature.

After registering the information of NID card or after receiving the ID card after registering the information, when you realize that there is no informational match with your other documents, then you can correct the information. Regarding information correction process, this website is doing various types of work and you can correct any type of information from there, for this you have to upload necessary proofs or documents on the website. If you fail to complete the application process properly and submit the correct credentials, it will be seen that you cannot get it corrected very easily.

Also by visiting this website you can apply for withdrawal of lost voter ID card or for re-issuance of voter ID card if lost. This website is very important as you can do these tasks related to Voter ID Card properly and you can do any task by entering here as it is open for public. As voter ID card plays an important role as our personal identity card and as the only identity card in various institutional settings, we must give serious consideration to its creation and preservation.

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