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If you are a permanent citizen of Bangladesh and have been born in Bangladesh, then you must read the information provided on our website today about the rules for online birth certificate registration. Because based on this information you can apply for birth registration certificate online and if you contact the local government department with this application form they will give you the original copy. Therefore, according to the current rules, instead of handwritten birth registration certificate, one has to apply online and online birth certificate is going to be created digitally.

Even the information of your birth registration certificate is being digitally recorded on the website and later with the number of your birth registration certificate you are getting the option to collect the copy again. So if any child of the family is born or other members of the family have not created the birth registration certificate, then read this short discussion on our website today and learn how to register online for the birth registration certificate by following the rules shown here.

There are many people who do not know which website to use and how to use it to create a birth registration certificate, so I have shared its link here. The address of the official website of birth registration is

You can copy this address from here and enter all the information of birth registration certificate directly by entering the official website. First you will be asked for the address information and follow the next step to register the birth registration certificate online with your permanent address.

If you go to the next page, you will have to provide the personal information of the person for whom you will create the birth registration certificate and of course the correct information. Moreover, in case of name, one must look at the certificate or specify a name which does not need to be changed later.

Go to the next page and provide the parent’s information there. In providing parental information, provide the parent’s birth registration certificate number and national identity card number, as well as all other information that may be requested.

Now you have to go to the next page and provide detailed information about the address to you and you will get this information by filling in each cell step by step. The next step in registering a birth registration certificate online is to scan and upload the vaccine card or EPI card of the person for whom the birth registration certificate is being prepared.

At the same time, if the guardian of that person or if the person is an adult, then the receipt of payment of tax on the land in his own name has to be given. Following all these steps, you will have to review again whether any information of your birth registration certificate is wrong and if all the information is correct then you have to submit. It will give you an application ID and give you the option to download the birth registration certificate application form.

You will have to download the birth registration certificate online and submit it to the local government department or the registrar’s office. Also, if there is any information related to online registration of birth registration certificate, please let us know in the comment box of our website.

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  1. I applied for birth registration and completed all processes and got the application ID. But I am unable to access my birth registration form because I didn’t receive any information of login details to access the birth registration form. Please help.

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