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Although we provide the information as nicely as we do while creating the birth registration certificate, later it is seen that due to various problems or unwarranted mistakes are made in the birth registration certificate. You will notice that many people have errors in birth registration certificates and these errors are common, especially when it comes to the year of birth and the spelling of names.

So if you can observe the error of birth registration certificate and want to correct this error then today we will discuss the rules for correcting birth registration error for your purpose on our website.

Once you know this rule, you will understand how easy the process of correcting birth registration information is and how to correct any mistake by presenting any information. We are all aware that all the work of birth registration is not in the hands of the local government department now and to do this you have to apply online first and then you have to contact the local government department with the application form and necessary documents.

If there is any mistake in your birth registration certificate then you have to apply online through computer and if you have national identity card as proof then you have to attach it and show SSC side certificate or special information for special needs. Can We would first like to inform you about the link to correct the birth registration information. Because there are many of us who do not know the official website of birth registration and do not understand where to go to apply.

Moreover, I would like to tell those of you who want to correct birth registration through apps, you can go directly to the website without following this procedure. Because there is no official app on the official website of birth registration and in this case all the public apps you will find. So the link to the official website of birth registration and the page to correct the information is First of all you have to enter this website and search for information with the current number and date of birth of your birth registration certificate.

This will display your information below and if your demand matches the information you will confirm and go to the next page. There you have to provide the address information and after filling in each cell you will come across several more cells and with the correct information in each cell you will get the next one. Go there and mention the problems with your birth registration certificate and what will be the correct information in case of that problem. In this case you will be able to add multiple data and modify multiple data.

When correcting information, do not forget to mention that your information was incorrectly recorded. This way you can edit some of the information there or go to the next step by correcting the information as per your need and providing the correct information. There you will provide the information of the applicant and now you have to upload the required documents with the active mobile number.

In this case, especially the scanned copy of the national identity card must be uploaded within the prescribed resolution. As well as SSC pass certificate and other documents, if required, you will upload it. Now that your application has been completed and you have to print the application form and contact the local government department with all the documents you have added.

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