Bangladesh National ID Card Check Online 2023

Today we will discuss about this process on our website for all the people living in Bangladesh who have created National NID Card or want to check it online from 2022 after creating National ID Card. If you want to know the correct rules to check the National NID Card of Bangladesh online from your mobile phone while sitting at home, then you will know the detailed information through this post.

However, there are many people who go to the official website of the National NID Card and go there and do not understand or do not know what rules to follow. Thinking about them, today we will discuss the correct rules for verifying the information of National NID Card on our website and through this post, you will finally understand the correct information later. It is really a simple process.

National NID Card is a national identity card of every person born in Bangladesh and through it you can complete the work by providing your identity in different institutional work in different parts of the country. In addition to important work, the National NID Card also mentions a variety of people who can easily identify you or provide you with the identity of the person or the method by which you can be found.

So according to the rules of National NID Card you have to apply for new registration. However, it is often seen that all the 18-year-olds across the country have been given national identity cards by recording their information. Now if you have received the National Identity Card or have applied for two new registrations, you can view the National Identity Card information with the number of the voter slip.

So the website address that you will enter to view the national identity card information is By entering this address you will find the option called Voter Information. You will find this option in the menu option or at the bottom and all you have to do after entering there is that you have to click on this option to get the voter information.

When you click on the Voter Information option, an empty cell will appear in front of you and first you will be asked for your voter slip number or National Identity Card number. Then, after providing all the information related to your date of birth separately, go to the room below and see what is written in the vague captcha. Understand this, fill in the blanks in the blank field ঃ and click on the submit button to go to the next page and see the voter information.

In addition to collecting National NID card numbers, your name and other information will be displayed there. However, if you do not get the voter information option by entering the website due to various problems of many or if the voter information option is omitted following the update of the website, I will teach you another method. In this case, to enter the official website of the Ministry of Land, search by typing Land BD in English.

Then you will first come to the official website and from there you will find the option called Citizen Corner. Once you get the Citizen Corner option, go there and provide your date of birth along with your National Identity Card number and mobile number. Then click on the search option and as soon as the next page loads you will be able to verify or view your NID card information.

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