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As a permanent citizen of Bangladesh, it is your right to get a national identity card and if you want to check it after getting this national identity card, then today’s post has been made for you. National Identity Card can be accepted by a person who has completed 18 years of age by applying online.

Moreover, after a certain period of time, an announcement is made to update the information of National Identity Card or for new registration. However, if you are 18 years of age and you want to get a National Identity Card as a matter of urgency, then you can apply for a new registration online without having to sit for a new one.

You have to open an account by entering the official website and to open this account you have to provide your name and date of birth. Moreover, by providing the user ID and password, when you open the profile, you will have to provide personal information there.

Provide personal information as well as other information and address information. However, in case of making National Identity Card or Voter ID Card, the form that will be opened online in front of you, it is mandatory to fill in the information of the house with red star sign.

In other words, if you skip it in any way, you will see that the national identity card is not being made well or you are getting into trouble in this case. However, without discussing for new registration, we will discuss here how to check National Identity Card or NID. If you have a question in your mind when you get the National Identity Card, and if you want to check it by entering the official website, you can check NID with your mobile phone at any time.

There are some very simple procedures to check NID and this process can be done from another official website just like you can do from the official website of NID service. When you go to the official website of NID Service and go there, you will find an option called Voter Information in the menu option at the top right. And if you don’t get the voter option then you can go down and go there and see the option called verification of voter information.

However, in order to verify the voter information, you need to open your profile on the official website with your voter ID card information and other information. And if the profile is not already open then you can open the profile by following the rules there and at any time you will be able to enter your profile and check the voter information and download the online copy.

However, I would like to tell those of you who want to check the limited number of voters or NIDs that you can check the NID card by visiting the official website of NID service as well as by entering another website. The NID card check is to check if your information has been recorded on the official website and if all the information related to the date of birth and birth registration including name matching can be found. So to check your NID card, enter the official website of the Ministry of Land and the address of that official website is

You will enter this address and after going there you will find the option called Citizen Corner on the homepage that will come in front of you first. Then clicking there will bring up an option called Land Development Tax and by clicking there if you get one more citizen option then click there or there is no need to click.

In any case, an empty cell will appear in front of you and there you will have to provide your mobile number as well as your national identity card number. Then provide information about your date of birth and input all the information that will be asked from you and click on submit button. This will allow you to view the National Identity Card information along with your birth registration certificate number on the website and the result along with your picture will be shown there as you have provided your National Identity Card number.

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