Smart ID Card Download 2023

Those of you who have registered your information and are waiting to receive your Smart ID card can easily check your Smart NID card status now. Whether your ID card has been printed on the basis of inputting correct information through the website or the information of which polling area you are in can be known from the website. Since voter ID card is an important thing for everyone, you need to know this information about smart NID card and after knowing this information, you must know the current status of ID card by following the correct rules and it will play a beneficial role for you.

We have seen that many have not received smart ID cards after registering information for the past few years and all have been issued temporary voter ID cards as they will be issued later. Many people visit the website with the information of the voter slip and download the PDF file in some way and are able to perform various important tasks with it. So when you need an ID card, we have tried to inform you through various posts about all the rules for verifying the information of this ID card or downloading it as a PDF file.

So, through this post, when you want to collect NID card, I will inform you about collecting NID card as well as the rules for checking the current status of your ID card. As the official website called Service NID is providing us with all these facilities, we understand them and can act accordingly. So through this post you must visit the official website of Service NID and check the current status of your smart NID card there. If you know the types of things that are mentioned in the context of verification, then the tasks can be easily completed as an informed citizen. Smart ID Card Download

If you visit the official website of Service NIT directly, you may not find the option to check the current status of Smart ID card. So we are for your convenience I have provided this link and from here you can visit the official website, it will provide the option to provide all the information to check the smart ID card. First you will provide your ID card number or voter form number. If you provide all these details, you will be taken to the next step and from there you can verify the ID card details. But you have to provide the correct date of birth which you have provided while registering the information step by step.

If someone’s date of birth or month of birth is 04 then it must be mentioned like this. Then correctly fill the captcha code that the website asked you to fill. Then proceed to the next step and there you will be shown the name of the owner of your smart ID card and whether it has been printed out by you as per this application. Then you will be given more information in the next step and you can collect your voter ID card number along with the polling area information from here. Hope through this post you have been able to know about the correct rules to verify smart ID card.

Smart Nid Card Download Bd

Those of you who have visited here to download smart NID card will be told the exact rules on our website regarding downloading this ID card. However, I would like to inform you about the smart ID card that very soon this smart ID card will be distributed among all and you can get the correct information if you contact the upazila election commissioner office. But anyway, since you want to download smart NID card through online, I will say that in this case you can download only paper laminating version by visiting the website. But if you are eligible for a smart ID card and your information is registered as such, then the ID card number will be 10 digits or the smart card number.

It is a joy for many people as they are getting NID card after long time to register information and we want to know these or follow proper procedure accordingly as NID card can perform very important tasks. However, we can know them through the official website called NID Service to provide all kinds of facilities to the public and according to this information we can easily visit there and download the PDF file through online. This PDF file plays a very important role for those who have registered information on urgent basis and need NID card.

You have to download the NID card by providing the correct information by visiting the official website of Service NID and in this case the website link is . That is, by using this link, you will go to the official website and register your account there. That is, as there is an option to register an account here with NID card number or voter form number, select the first option and go to the next step and provide that number or voter form number if your ID card number has been collected. Now you will go to the bottom and fill in the date of birth as per your ID card information and captcha code provided on the website and proceed to the next page.

You have to select your permanent address information through the option and if you register each information correctly, you will be given the opportunity to open an account based on all the correct information to register an account. Now if the mobile number that you see is already in use, you have to click on send message option and if you don’t want to use it or if it is not in use then you can change the number and receive SMS to the new number. Enter the code that you will receive through SMS on the website and go to the next step and read all the instructions regarding NID wallet carefully.

Before using the link to download NID wallet, take a screenshot of the QR code provided by the website and crop it in the gallery. After downloading the NID wallet software you have to open it and by showing that QR code on the website you have to identify your face there when you go to the next step. After completing the work there, you will come back to the website and open your profile by setting a unique user ID and password, your profile will be displayed there with a picture. By clicking on the download option, the information of the NID card containing the smart card number will be shown there in the form of a PDF file on your phone.


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