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By this title of our website, you can understand the website that Bangladesh Election Commission has created and made free for all to provide various facilities to the general public. As a general public, when you want to do voter ID card tasks or want to know information about various issues, we will inform you about this service NID official website.

By visiting this website, you can easily do the important tasks related to voter ID card and the kind of voter ID card application that we make through online, the applications need to be submitted by visiting this website. So you can do any kind of work related to voter ID card by entering this website.

As voter ID card is important after registering the information I would like to tell those of you who are waiting for a long time and sitting to get voter id card that you can download the pdf file online to get the id card fast. Even if you don’t get the Smart ID card format, you can collect it from the website in paper laminating version and as this PDF file is completely free to download, you can download it on the basis of providing voter slipper information or any other information.

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NID Services

We inform about the rules of downloading voter ID card through online in our website in detail through various information and you can see other post of our website to know about the process of downloading voter ID card. 2023

You register voter ID card details and can collect smart copy of voter id card later at specified time as students are registered together. But when you need smart copy of voter id card then you have to go to the website to apply for new registration to collect it. In this case, the application fee of Tk 230 has to be deposited on the website through mobile banking and while registering the information, you have to provide every information starting from name as per your secondary examination certificate and birth certificate.

If there is a mistake in the voter ID card information, this website provides you with the opportunity to apply for correction of the information. If during the registration of voter ID card information you find that there is a mistake in the name or date of birth and any other information, then you can apply online to correct that information. The application form has to be submitted online and in this case there is no need to submit it anywhere, only if the information is amended, you can go to the election commission office and collect the amended copy. To correct voter ID card details you must register an account by going to the website and registering the voter ID card details.

Moreover, through this website, you can easily check the current status of the voter ID card or the status of the smart ID card, as well as apply for re-issuance of someone’s voter ID card if it is lost. Generally the kind of requirement or the kind of important work that we need to perform related to voter ID card is made open for all on this website and by presenting correct information and evidence you can complete the work by visiting the website. So, without paying extra money to anyone in daily life, easily complete the subject-related tasks based on the information provided by our website by visiting the official website of NID Service.

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